Skin care & unique aromas inspired & handcrafted from Nature

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  1. Akima Aromas Fragrance
    Original fragrance creations with a flare for the unique, available in Perfume Oil & Room Spray
    Akima Aromas Fragrance
  2. Body Scrubs
    Sugar & salt scrubs designed to smooth and hydrate the body, while enchanting mind & spirit with a variety of natural scent combinations.
    Body Scrubs
  3. Aromatherapy Oils
    Essential oil roll-on blends designed to ease various symptoms naturally.
    Aromatherapy Oils
  4. Household Sprays
    Natural Bug Spray crafted with plant oils & extracts to repel a variety of insects without the use of harsh chemicals. Yoga Mat Spray crafted to sanitize fitness equipment while leaving a light, pleasant aroma.
    Household Sprays